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Alan Houser

Hi again,

How about ... in your Windows shell, change you current directory to the location of sequence.ditamap? (I usually work in a UNIX shell ... "cd" command. It may be "dir" in Windows). If you're using "--input=sequence.ditamap", the 'dita' command will look for the ditamap in the current directory. (Since your "PATH environment variable is set, your system should find the 'dita' command regardless of current directory).

Or try using the full path to the ditamap as an argument to --input: "--input=C:\Program Files\dita-ot-3.6\docsrc\samples\sequence.ditamp". Another possibility ... you may need to double each backslash character: "\\".



On 2/27/21 10:11 PM, Nancy Roberts wrote:
Whoops, I pasted the wrong example. Like I said, I'm good with GUI-based tools. I've never done anything serious with the command line. This is sort of a trial by fire.

So now my problem is the input path. I've tried every combination of .\ and ..\ that I can think of. I can't find the right combination to run the sample map provided in the OT. The map's path is C:\Program Files\dita-ot-3.6\docsrc\samples\sequence.ditamp. I set the PATH environment variable to C:\Program Files\dita-ot-3.6\bin.

How do I run this command? Running the suggested syntax gets me nowhere:
--input=sequence.ditamap --format=html5
Error: Failed to run pipeline: [DOTA069F][FATAL] Input file 'file:/C:/Program%20Files/dita-ot-3.6/sequence.ditamap' cannot be located or read. Ensure that file was specified properly and that you have permission to access it.

Adding some combination of .\ and ..\ makes it worse.

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