New installation of the DITA-OT #DITA-OT

Nancy Roberts

Hi all,

I'm an experienced DITA user, but I've only ever used Oxygen or the Ixiasoft CMS to produce documentation for the company I work for. Now I've got a private client interested in HTML output of some sort (we'll probably settle on HTML5). I'm trying to put together an inexpensive DITA solution (read: free). I found and installed Codex, which seems promising. Then I installed the Adopt OpenJDK and the DITA-OT, v3.6. I set the PATH variable, in accordance with the installation instructions. I am able to run a bunch of commands, but I can't generate any output using the sample map (sequence.ditamap) and preinstalled plugins that come with the OT.

Here's what I'm getting:

C:\Users\nanr9>dita --input=sequence.ditamap format=dita
Error: Transformation type not defined
  dita -i <file> -f <name> [options]
  dita --project=<file> [options]
  deliverables                  Print list of deliverables in project file
  install                       Install or reload plug-ins
  plugins                       Print list of installed plug-ins
  transtypes                    Print list of installed transformation types (output formats)
  uninstall                     Remove and delete plug-in
  version                       Print version information and exit
  See 'dita <subcommand> --help' for details about a specific subcommand.
  -i <file>, --input=<file>     Input file
  -f <name>, --format=<name>    Output format (transformation type)
  -p <file>, --project=<file>   Publish a project file with multiple deliverables
  --filter=<files>              Filter and flagging files. This option can be passed multiple times.
  -h, --help                    Print help information
  -o <dir>, --output=<dir>      Output directory
  -r <file>, --resource=<file>  Additional input resources. This option can be passed multiple times.
See 'dita --help' for full list of options.

When I run transtypes, I can see both HTML5 and XHTML are installed:

C:\Users\nanr9>dita --transtypes

What am I doing wrong?


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