hide and seek

Aaron Mehl

Hi all,
I have a document with a topic that I don't want displayed, but at the same time I want it available to users if need be. 
This might be with a link or maybe outside the flow of the entire document.
But since it isn't an essential part of the document, I don't want it included in the web output.

I have for example a topic which contains subtopics called editing Accounts. My document is about creating accounts but if they made a mistake they need to find editing accounts. 

Now for my question: 
How do I hide editing accounts in my Dita map? Now it is included in my map as a subtopic to creating accounts, and disturbing the flow of the document.
Where should I put it in my dita map, if at all?
Is there a way to leave it in-place, and somehow just hide it?


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