Re: <resourceid> element's @appid attribute

Radu Coravu

Hi John,

Our WebHelp feature which generates context ids used to link to topics looks at both the @id attribute of the topic and at the "resourceid" element. As topic IDs are required and need to be specified inside the DITA topic anyway we decided to use the topic ID as the context id, and added some Schematron rules to insure that the topic ID always matches the file name, to provide some kind of uniqueness of the topic ID in the entire DITA project context.



Radu Coravu
Oxygen XML Editor
On 2/13/21 04:27, john.kirkilis@... wrote:

Hi Radu,

In the hopes of finding an example document set, I downloaded the Oxygen userguide source from GitHub and couldn't find any instances of <resourceid> being used anywhere in the content. I thought perhaps that's how you linked to your web help from Oxygen's help icon in every dialog box.




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