Re: AntennaHouse PDF ML

Toshihiko Makita

Hi Bill,

Thank you for paying your attention to PDF5-ML plug-in.
In Japan, I hear that most of DITA developers use PDF5-ML plug-in as the base for their DITA users. We (Antenna House) also use this plug-in for PDF generation as the base plug-in for user customization.
In the world-wide, I have many customization requests through GitHub issue tracker and many of them are implemented. (Continued table header & footer, floating figure, dynamic paper size assignment, conditional style definition etc.)

However, the defects also exist. The language resources (literals) are not prepared in comparison of PDF2 plug-in. The user who uses PDF5-ML plug-in must prepare these resources by themselves. Also I’ve tested this plug-in with AH Formatter only and the plug-in uses several AH Formatter specific extensions (FO properties prefixed by “axf:”) to get better formatting results.

Hope this helps your understanding.

 Toshihiko Makita
 Development Group. Antenna House, Inc. Ina Branch
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