Help with filtering in com.elovirta.ooxml #conditional-processing

Leigh White

Hi all,

I'm setting up the com.elovirta.ooxml plugin for a customer. Using with OT 2.5.4. They will be using @audience pretty extensively to both filter some elements, and color-code others. For the latter, I have set up a ditaval that flags content based on the value of @audience. This works exactly as expected for pdf outputs but seems to have no effect whatsoever for ooxml output. My knowledge of this plugin and ooxml in general is pretty slim. I'm wondering if the failure lies in the plugin--that it just doesn't account for flagging, or in the template---that some accommodation would need to be made there for displaying the background color? Looking at the CLEANED file, it appears that the flagging is preserved to that point:

<ditaval-startprop class="+ topic/foreign ditaot-d/ditaval-startprop " outputclass="background-color:yellow;">
<prop xmlns:dita-ot="" action="flag" att="audience" backcolor="yellow" val="optional"/>
</ditaval-startprop>split up as indicated<ditaval-endprop class="+ topic/foreign ditaot-d/ditaval-endprop ">
<prop xmlns:dita-ot="" action="flag" att="audience" backcolor="yellow" val="optional"/>

So I'm not sure where it gets lost. Any help appreciated!


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