Re: <resourceid> element's @appid attribute

Radu Coravu

Hi John,

Not sure if this answers your question but for example in the Oxygen WebHelp Responsive output we use the "resourceid" to gather such application IDs and redirect to the topics containing them when the application ID is given in a query string to the web help output:



Radu Coravu
Oxygen XML Editor
On 2/10/21 03:07, john.kirkilis@... wrote:

The DITA 1.3 spec describes the @appid attribute of the <resourceid> as follows:
An ID used by an application to identify the topic.
While the @ux-context-string is defined as:
Contains the value of a user-assistance context-string that is used to identify the topic.
What I'm not clear about is how a UX resource, whether it be a page of a webapp or an individual field in a webform, should be represented in DITA so that when a help icon is clicked on a UX widget in a webapp, the proper topic can be referenced.


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