Re: Custom dita-ot plugins directory in #DITA-OT

Radu Coravu

Hi Nicolas,

So in the Oxygen Preferences->DITA page you set the DITA OT engine to point to your custom DITA OT folder, right?

Not sure what the problem is, if you want further help maybe you can contact us directly (support@...) and give us some steps to reproduce the problem on our side.



Radu Coravu
Oxygen XML Editor
On 2/2/21 10:06, Nicolas Delobel wrote:

Hi Radu,

I made a test with oXygen 23 but unfortunately I still have an error message:

Buildfile: C:\myproject\dita-ot-3.6-oxy23\build.xml

C:\myproject\dita-ot-3.6-oxy23\build.xml:19: The following error occurred while executing this line:
C:\myproject\dita-ot-3.6-oxy23\plugins\org.dita.base\build.xml:36: The following error occurred while executing this line:
C:\myproject\dita-ot-3.6-oxy23\plugins\org.dita.base\build_init.xml:23: taskdef class org.dita.dost.ant.InitializeProjectTask cannot be found
 using the classloader AntClassLoader[]

Total time: 0 seconds

The process finished with exit code: 1



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