Re: Any one using Oxygen as an editor with an AEM XML Documentation solution?

John Piechowski


I tried to use Oxygen and the connector implementation is buggy and clunky. It doesn't always lock/unlock as you would expect and if you try to check out an entire map to edit the whole book, it doesn't always download all the assets. Ultimately, we decided to stay in the AEM Editor. With the latest update it's a pretty good experience, although I understand what you're saying about <alt> - maybe you could get Adobe to get <alt> into the product...


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Hi, Julio. Are you up for having a brief conversation about this? I'm concerned about the user experience for NON-POWER USERS. As far as I can tell, using Oxygen though WebDAV bypasses a lot of AEM version control. It gives a solid Oxygen authoring experience -- and I can see that authors can lock and unlock objects -- but if authors move objects around there will be a lot of broken references.

Your thoughts? And those of any others with input.

The only reason I am considering Oxygen XML Editor is that the built-in AEM Web editor does not display the <alt> element. I don't want to force content authors to enter the code view in order to add alternate text for an image.

Yes, the AEM built-in Web editor enables content authors to add alternate text for images using the @alt attribute, but the @alt attribute has been deprecated since 2010 and is removed in DITA 2.0. I TRULY HATE to encourage a brand-new DITA implementation to use a deprecated feature ...


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On 2/2/2021 6:47 AM, Julio J Vazquez via wrote:
Hi Kristen,

I'm raising my hand. 

Julio J. Vazquez

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