Re: Any one using Oxygen as an editor with an AEM XML Documentation solution?

Kristen James Eberlein

Hi, Julio. Are you up for having a brief conversation about this? I'm concerned about the user experience for NON-POWER USERS. As far as I can tell, using Oxygen though WebDAV bypasses a lot of AEM version control. It gives a solid Oxygen authoring experience -- and I can see that authors can lock and unlock objects -- but if authors move objects around there will be a lot of broken references.

Your thoughts? And those of any others with input.

The only reason I am considering Oxygen XML Editor is that the built-in AEM Web editor does not display the <alt> element. I don't want to force content authors to enter the code view in order to add alternate text for an image.

Yes, the AEM built-in Web editor enables content authors to add alternate text for images using the @alt attribute, but the @alt attribute has been deprecated since 2010 and is removed in DITA 2.0. I TRULY HATE to encourage a brand-new DITA implementation to use a deprecated feature ...


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On 2/2/2021 6:47 AM, Julio J Vazquez via wrote:
Hi Kristen,

I'm raising my hand. 

Julio J. Vazquez

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