Re: PHP microservice using dita #HTML5

Radu Coravu

Hi Jack,

I also replied to you on Slack, about using the Java API to start the DITA OT:

There is more information about making this work here:
The “dost.jar” is useful for compiling your Java code but for running you need an entire DITA OT distribution

If I were you I would maybe consider running the DITA OT command line directly as an external process from the PHP script. So you would need a DITA OT downloaded and available on the server side.

Or as another alternative you can create a Java wrapper which starts the DITA OT as a separate process and create a service wrapper around it.



Radu Coravu
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On 1/27/21 09:41, jack10086007@... wrote:

Hi Don,

Thank you so much for your reply!

Yes, it is currently just a single topic/concept, not even require formatting.

What I have tried so far:

1. Created a controller through the maven project, and inside PHP fetched that endpoint. However, I failed to use Java API as shown on the doc. Error message was 'Transtype xhtml not supported'.

2. Then, I was currently trying to wrap everything inside docker but was blocked by setting up JAVA HOME environment variable.


May I please ask if you have any better solutions? Thank you very much and wish you could have a lovely night!



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