Re: Hide a topic from PDF output at xsl level

Radu Coravu

Hi Balázs,

You seemed to find a solution for your problem on stackoverflow:

Do you have any problems with the solution you found or do you want to see if there are alternative solutions?



Radu Coravu
Oxygen XML Editor
On 1/12/21 10:46, marczisbalazs@... wrote:

Hi All,

I have a topic, which only contains some metadata (childs of prolog and some custom elements too) of the documentation. The contents of these elements is displayed in headers and footers in the acutal PDF output.

My problem: now the referred topic itself included in the pdf as an empty chapter.

Setting the processing-role to resource-only or filtering the topic does not solve the problem, as the content of the elements is needed in the further steps of the transformation (headers, footerst ect..)

My best guess is to somehow exclude this one topic and the needless page sequence based on its ID with..

.. adding some attributes in a custom xsl template?

.. modification of topic processing?

.. an obvious method that didn’t occur to me?

I’m a beginner, so a little guidance would be nice.

Currently using: DITA-OT 2.1; Oxygen 17.1; Bookmap spec.; XSL FO based transformations;

Thanks in advance!


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