Re: links within a chunked map?

Irina Barinova

Hello Tonia,

Could you please provide a bit more information?
Which tools are you using?
How did you customize xrefs and coded your mini-toc? 

Best regards,
Iryna Barinova

On Thu, Jan 21, 2021 at 5:24 AM Tonia <sharpwriter@...> wrote:
Hi all,
I'm having an issue with chunking a map and the internal links not working.

I have a map that I want to generate to one HTML file, and that is working. However, I coded a mini-toc for navigation (because the child topics don't show up in the main toc, by my design).  The xref links are breaking in the generated HTML and are just dead.

Part of me thinks this makes sense because the file hasn't been generated as a separate HTML file that can be linked to, but is there a workaround for this?

I hope I'm explaining it well enough.

Here's a copy of my map:

<map><title>Recycle Bin</title>
    <topicref href="../topics/c-recycle-bin.dita" chunk="to-content">
        <topicref href="../topics/c-bulk-actions-recycle-bin.dita" toc="no"/>
        <topicref href="../topics/t-filter-recycle-bin.dita" toc="no"/>
        <topicref href="../topics/t-modify-columns-recycle-bin.dita" toc="no"/>

And within the c-recycle-bin.dita file, I have a list of links like this:

  <p>This section includes the following topics:</p>
    <ul id="ul_qsm_cw5_j4b">
      <li><xref href="c-recycle-bin-bulk-actions.dita"></xref></li>
      <li><xref href="t-filter-recycle-bin.dita"></xref></li>
      <li><xref href="t-modify-columns-recycle-bin.dita"></xref></li>

What has to be done for this to work upon generation with the chunk element?

Thanks for your help,

Rally Software Content Experience Lead

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