Re: Keyrefs no longer resolved within conrefs #conref #keys

Radu Coravu

Hi Christina,

Maybe you can create a small sample DITA project exemplifying the problem and attach it to an email.

The DITA OT bundled with Oxygen also comes with various small fixes made to the open source DITA OT distribution.

We deliver it as a separate download named Oxygen Publishing Engine, it is available for download here:

Maybe you can try to run the transformation from the command line, for example to produce the PDF. If it properly generates the output but the DITA OT 3.5.4 downloaded from the DITA OT web site does not, then probably one of our fixes might responsible for that.



Radu Coravu
Oxygen XML Editor
On 1/22/21 14:27, stinakab via wrote:


We're currently switching from DITA OT 3.4.1 to DITA OT 3.5.4 (the latest version supported by Oxygen 23.0).
We use Oxygen for local builds and use a build server for publishing. We have customization plug-ins.
At first, it looked as if everything ran smoothly. Then we discovered that on the build server <keyword keyrefs="xxx"> are no longer resolved within conref elements.
All other keyrefs resolve properly. It's just the conrefs in which they don't resolve.
It used to work with 3.4.1, but somehow with 3.5.4 there seems to something wrong. In Oxygen 23.0, there are no issues when transformations are run.
This happens with PDF and webhelp responsive outputs.
I don't have the slightest idea why the keyrefs are no longer resolved.
Could anybody help me with this, please?



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