Re: Insert current timestamp as a value to an attribute?

Radu Coravu

Hello Wito,

You can see here examples of how the function is called, it needs to have a quoted literal as a parameter:

About your question of needing an activation xpath, when the content completion window is populated, if the action's xpath condition is not fulfilled, the action is not added to the content completion window. I know that in your case the action is a simple element but there might be more complex actions which may require more complex activation xpaths (for example the action may insert an element somewhere else in the document or it may insert multiple elements or text) so this extra added flexibility is not bad.



Radu Coravu
Oxygen XML Editor
On 1/18/21 18:19, Wito Zoerkler wrote:

Hi Radu,

Thank you for the link, it was very helpful.

However, when I enter an 'Activation XPath', I get the following error message ('rev-history' is the specialized element).

If I don't enter an 'Activation XPath', it works.
Why would I need an 'Activation XPath' when I call the operation via Content Completion?

Best regards


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