Re: DITA-OT 3.6 and PDF generation #DITA-OT

Paul Danaher

Hi Radu,

Here is the information you requested. When I run the following command from the command line:

./dita --input /usr/local/temp/dita_content/test.ditamap --output=/usr/local/temp/dita_content --format=pdf --temp=/usr/local/temp/temp/dita_content/dita_temp_dir --generate-debug-attributes=true --parallel=true --store-type=memory --debug=true > ./log.txt 

I get the following error:

Error: java.nio.file.NoSuchFileException: /usr/local/temp/temp/dita_content/dita_temp_dir/.job.xml

I have attached the output log file for review. Thanks.


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