AntTask: Error Rendering Fo File Error when Generating PDF for Bookmap #DITA-OT #PDF #bookmap


Dear All,

  • I have created a plugin by referring to the book (Dita for Print v1.8). I had installed Dita v2.0 Full and Easy Install Version.
  • I did not face any issues in customizing the plugin and generating PDF for normal maps.
  • However, when I try generating output for bookmap, I get an error "AntTask: Error Rendering Fo File, fo:inline is not a valid child of fo:block container." All my attempts to find the cause of the error have been futile.
Infact when I tried generating pdf for bookmap using the default pdf plugin (org.dita.pdf2) the PDF is generated. But only in the case of the customized plugin this issue occurs.
Could anyone please help me understand my mistake. Please help me. I am unable to proceed further with my learning because of this. I have attached two files:
  1. Error message screenshot
  2. file
If any further information is required, please let me know. 

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