Re: New DITA-OT 3.6 release available for download! #DITA-OT

Radu Coravu

Hi Chris,

Thanks for sharing your obtained publishing times.

Using DITA OT 3.6 with "store-type=memory" I did not find any significant improvement running on Mac OS but I did find a big improvement when running on Windows (for the Oxygen Users Manual which is about 2000 topics published to HTML 5 I had a decrease in publishing times from 236 to approx 177 seconds).

So even if you have a fast SSD storage device (and I have one both on Mac and on Windows) it depends on how fast the operating system accesses files, maybe on Windows the Windows Defender might also slow down things when working with the local disk.

For "parallel=true" I did not find any significant speed improvement on either Mac or Windows, so probably similar to your 5% improvement.



Radu Coravu
Oxygen XML Editor
On 12/29/20 22:31, Chris Papademetrious wrote:

Wow, this is quite an impressive release!

I compared this release against the 3.5.4 release by running an html5 transformation on 89 books in our deliverable set.

  • With default options, this release is consistently almost twice as fast (1.9X).
  • The -Dstore-type=memory option made no appreciable difference, probably because I'm running on a fast local disk. This option is likely meant for running on a shared NFS volume over a network.
  • The -Dparallel=true option yielded an additional 5% runtime improvement; I confess I was hoping for more!

Here are the results of the linux time command on a transformation with/without -Dparallel=true:

% time ./dita-ot-3.6/bin/dita -i dita-digital/dita/icvrefman.ditamap -f html5 -o oo
177.620u 10.915s 1:48.15 174.3%
% time ./dita-ot-3.6/bin/dita -i dita-digital/dita/icvrefman.ditamap -f html5 -o oo -Dparallel=true
242.156u 12.990s 1:26.75 294.1%

There was definitely more parallel processing going on (green), but the decrease in wall clock time was less dramatic (yellow)

But heck, with default improvements like this, who needs more?

 - Chris


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