Re: New DITA-OT 3.6 release available for download! #DITA-OT

Chris Papademetrious

Wow, this is quite an impressive release!

I compared this release against the 3.5.4 release by running an html5 transformation on 89 books in our deliverable set.

  • With default options, this release is consistently almost twice as fast (1.9X).
  • The -Dstore-type=memory option made no appreciable difference, probably because I'm running on a fast local disk. This option is likely meant for running on a shared NFS volume over a network.
  • The -Dparallel=true option yielded an additional 5% runtime improvement; I confess I was hoping for more!

Here are the results of the linux time command on a transformation with/without -Dparallel=true:

% time ./dita-ot-3.6/bin/dita -i dita-digital/dita/icvrefman.ditamap -f html5 -o oo
177.620u 10.915s 1:48.15 174.3%
% time ./dita-ot-3.6/bin/dita -i dita-digital/dita/icvrefman.ditamap -f html5 -o oo -Dparallel=true
242.156u 12.990s 1:26.75 294.1%

There was definitely more parallel processing going on (green), but the decrease in wall clock time was less dramatic (yellow)

But heck, with default improvements like this, who needs more?

 - Chris

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