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Dear DITA folks,


Our team has run into a behavior that we found surprising and it looks like it is going to cause us big headaches. It seems that if you use a conref, and the conref includes filtered material (@props), the filters are ignored.  It looks like the ditaval filtering stage happens before conrefs are included, so any filters in the conrefs are ignored…?


Does anyone using conref and ditaval filtering have some suggestions about how we can more effectively use conrefs that contain filtered material?


I'm attaching a zip with some sample files that demonstrate the issue:

  • map.dita includes concept.dita and filter.ditaval
  • filter.ditaval hides all products other than product = "shown-product"
  • concept.dita conrefs a section in snippets.dita
  • both concept.dita and the conrefed section contain a paragraph with product = "hidden-product"
  • in concept.dita, the paragraph is hidden; in the conrefed section it is shown.

Our expectation was that both concept.dita and the conrefed section would have the same content shown and hidden.


Thanks in advance for your advice!




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