Re: PDF2 to HTML5: reference book

Jarno Elovirta


DITA-OT’s HTML5 plug-in uses CSS for styling. In most cases that’s all you need, and for that the web and book shops are full of content. In order to add dynamic functionality for HTML5 output, you need JavaScript and the same as for CSS applies here too. So the reference content for CSS and JavaScript is pretty much out there for free, just DuckDuckGo it.

For example might be helpful to get you started.


On 11. Dec 2020, at 11.44, pablo gg <pablo.gomez@...> wrote:

Hi all,
I have been working (and still am) working with DITA-OT for PDF using the PDF2 plugin. For mastering (?) the plugin structure and capabilities I have based a lot on the fantastic book Dita for Print by Leigh Davis. Beside of other resources, this has been crucial.
I am beginning now with a journey around HTML and I wondered whether there is any HTML-biased book that might be my side companion book.
Thanks for the help,
Pablo Gomez

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