Re: Skip preprocessing stage in DITA-OT #DITA-OT

Nicolas Delobel

So, after some research I found a solution using Oxygen.

I create a custom build file in DITA-OT folder:
<project basedir="." default="dist">
  <!--The DITA-OT default build file-->
  <import file="build.xml"/>
  <target name="dist">
    <property name="preprocess.conref.skip" value="true"/>
    <property name="preprocess.keyref.skip" value="true"/>
    <!--Call the DITA-OT default target-->
    <antcall target="init"/>
where I add some properties to skip conref and keyref preprocess steps for example.

When it's done, I use this new alternate build file in Oxygen transformation scenario (see

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