Re: [Ann] Oxygen Terminology Checker add-on version 2.0.

Radu Coravu

Hi Adam,

I'm happy you are enjoying the add-on.

It looks like as if you downloaded from Github the HTML equivalents of the Yaml files, not the Yaml files themselves.

Can you open each Yaml file and make sure it's contents is Yaml and not HTML?

For example if I open a Yaml file in Github:

there is a "Raw" button there. You should press that button to get the actual contents of the file.

Maybe you can download the entire Vale Microsoft style guide GitHub project as a zip:

and obtain the Yaml files from that zip instead of manually downloading them.



Radu Coravu
Oxygen XML Editor
On 11/12/20 6:51 PM, Adam Myers wrote:

Hi Radu,

I love this. I have been testing it out this morning and can't wait to share it with my team. I downloaded some of the Microsoft .yml files and the are correctly identifying issues that I created in my test topic. The one issue I am having is I am getting validation errors on the .yml files.

mapping values are not allowed here
 in 'reader', line 147, column 34:
        <span style="background-color: #79b8ff;width: 0%;" class="Pro ... 
The terminology issues are underlined in the editor. What should I do about these validation errors?


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