[Ann] Oxygen Terminology Checker add-on version 2.0.

Radu Coravu

Hi everyone,

We are glad to announce version 2.0 of our Terminology Checker add-on is now available in the Oxygen XML default add-on repository.

The add-on is free and is compatible with any Oxygen XML Editor or XML Author version 20.0 and newer.

To install the add-on, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to Help > Install new add-ons... to open an add-on selection dialog box.
  2. Select "Default Update Site" (or paste https://www.oxygenxml.com/InstData/Addons/default/updateSite.xml) in the Show add-ons from field.
  3. Select the Terminology Checker add-on and click Next.
  4. Select the I accept all terms of the end user license agreement option and click Finish.
  5. Restart the application.

Version 2.0 of the add-on brings these useful new features:

  • Partial support to load Vale rules and use them to highlight problems.

    Supported Vale scopes: heading, table.header, table.cell, list, paragraph, code,strong, emphasis.

    Supported Vale extension points: Existence, Substitution, Occurrence.

    For example, you can download the Microsoft style guide yaml rules and add them to the terminology folder configured in the Preferences->Plugins / Terminology Checker page.

  • The new Terminology Helper side view gives an overview of the terminology problems. Clicking in the side view on the incorrect term will focus the matching term in editor area.
  • Share favorite rules with the team: define a folder oxygen-term-checker in the root of your project and terms are automatically loaded from it.
  • Use capturing groups in the suggestions and messages in your custom term rules using the term match regular expression.
  • Match user defined custom terms at word level, character level or with a regular expression.
  • Insert replacement suggestion value as plain-text or as XML fragment.
  • Set problem severity (info, warning or error) for each matched term.
  • Enable/disable add-on from the tool bar without restarting Oxygen.

The screenshot below shows how the Terminology Helper side view displays various problems detected using the Vale Microsoft Style guide rules.

We hope you will find the plugin useful and as always any feedback is welcomed.

Best regards,


Radu Coravu

Oxygen XML Editor

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