Re: Variable text referenced using keys

Patricia Billard

Hi Kristen,

Thank you for the suggestion. I'll bring it up to the team.  We had not considered <text>, I think partly because the DITA 1.2 spec did not address variable elements in an obvious way if you weren't using keys.  The spec's suggestion also steered us away from looking at <text> for variables when we did our original migration:  "For contexts where ph is available, authors should use that element. Where keyword is available, authors should use that element. Where neither ph nor keyword is available, text can be used to pull content by conref." We also implemented some nested variables, in which the company name was referenced in the variable defined for the product name, for example.
The original discussion was a long time ago, but at the time <ph> seemed the best choice for most things, and we had a few other elements we allowed as variables, but I don't think we anticipated needing to use the company name in some of these situations. It might be a solution to use <text> for variables that we don't want to create multiple variable names for the same thing.

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