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scott ashmead

Thanks Eliot.
The specific problem I'm having is related to the colname attribute in the row below.
There are six <entry> elements in the row. <entry> number five does not have a colname attribute and I don't know why. There's colname='4', then an empty element. Then colname="5". It's as though the empty <entry> is being ignored. Any idea how/why an <entry> would not have a colname attribute?

                        <row base="VISION_RCF" class="- topic/row " rowsep="0" valign="bottom"
                           <entry align="left" colname="col1">
                           <entry align="center" colname="col2">
                           <entry align="center" colname="col3">
                           <entry align="center" colname="col4">
                           <entry align="left" colname="col5">

On Thursday, October 22, 2020, 05:55:38 PM EDT, ekimber@... <ekimber@...> wrote:

The xtrf, xtrc, dita-ot:x and dita-ot:y attributes are added during preprocessing.

Of these, dita-ot:x and dita-ot:y are specific to table entries (they represent the final x/y position of the cell in the table as rendered, taking into account any row or column spanning).



Eliot Kimber

On 10/22/20, 4:11 PM, "scott ashmead via" < on behalf of> wrote:

    Hi All?

    When I use DITA-OT I see the following attributes on my <entry> element in the XML output. Does anyone understand how or why they end up there? I don't see them on the input XML.

    Thank you very much!

                              <entry align="center"
                                      class="- topic/entry "


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