Re: DITA-ish structured authoring in Confluence

Nicholas Mucks

Hi Yves,
This is an interesting find. We have found Confluence to be both difficult to enforce standards and the best tool for collaboration.

We use Confluence for requirements reviews. We built an OT plugin to create a CSV from DITA source files (based on the title and shortdesc) and import that into a Confluence form so that teams can quickly review and provide feedback. It’s helpful because we can also integrate associations to Jira tickets with that requirements content.

To get content out of Confluence, we usually go from Confluence to DITA via Markdown. It loses some structure along the way, but it’s fine for content with significant team interaction like a Confluence page because sometimes the most important goal is to get that feedback from non-writers.

Take care,
- Nick

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On Oct 20, 2020, at 1:57 AM, Yves Barbion <yves.barbion@...> wrote:

Hi group

The screen shot in the section "More Guidance, Fewer Constraints" seems to suggest that it must be possible to use custom templates in Confluence, based on the DITA information models:

Is anyone doing this? Any experiences you can share?



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