Declarative Amsterdam conference


Declarative Amsterdam 2020 will be happening on Thursday/Friday October 8 and 9 2020.

  • Thursday is a tutorial day, where three hands-on tutorials will be offered. It is a “bring your own device” event and you may be expected to have pre-loaded some materials before attending.

  • Friday is the symposium.

There have been many great submissions, with presentations and tutorials by the following:

Adam Retter, Alan Guedes, Charaf Eddine Cheraa, Eduard Drenth, Hans-Jürgen Rennau, Liam Quin, Nico Verwer, Pieter Masereeuw, Steven Pemberton, and Tom Hillman

Full program: 

The conference is still being planned as a real face-to-face conference, at the Science Park in Amsterdam. However, recognizing the problems with quarantine and international travel, there will also be a live-streamed option for attendance. Please pre-register here:


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