Re: relationship beteween 3 types of documents for the same concept

Weiwu Zhang

On Thu, 3 Sep 2020, Weiwu Zhang via wrote:

My question is what's the best practise to connect these 3 types of
Ah, after banging my head on this wall for a week, I saw the new post from Tonia asking about "Relationship table publishing?" and google searched from there. It turns out the answer to my question is simple: use relationsihp table. Would have saved me much time if I had known what search keyword to use.

It's surprising that after reading dozens and dozens of web pages, and
finishing a book about LwDita (yes I known this falls outside LwDita
but only in hindsight) I have not chanced upon related links
management, and it only shows magically after I learned the name of
the technology for related links management. I guess related links
management wasn't shown in related links of the docs I read!


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