Re: New Oxygen add-on to help translators

Radu Coravu

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for the feedback, we considered that if the end user selects plain text, without any XML tags, and translates it there would be no need to show the extra dialog with the "Replace" button, they can just paste the translated text over the selection. That dialog allowing you to replace the translated content is handy if the initial content contains various XML elements so the translated content needs to be massaged back in the original XML structure.

Radu Coravu
Oxygen XML Editor
On 9/3/20 6:37 PM, Jonathan Hanna wrote:

Hi Radu,

Thank you for bringing this great feature to our attention! I just tried using it and was able to get it to work when selecting all the content in a topic or all the content in a section. However, theĀ Translation using Google Translate dialog does not show up when I select only a single block of text (such as all the text in a <p> element). Is that the intended behavior or is there a bug?


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