Re: Can LwDITA MDITA format transclude "normal" dita content?

Weiwu Zhang

On Mon, 31 Aug 2020, Radu Coravu wrote:

If you open it in a DITA editing tool and validate it, there are about 4
problems with it:
1) The element <div> is not accepted in a Lightweight DITA topic. Only the
following elements are allowed:
2) The @conref element is allowed only on these Lightweight DITA elements:
3) The @type element is not allowed on the <div> element.
4) When you conref in a DITA topic you need to conref to an equivalent DITA
element from the target topic. So a DITA <div> may conref to another <div>
located in another DITA topic, not to a <concept> element.
Thanks Radu. Having fixed all 4 problems now the document works!

changing the element to <section>, now conref from a <section> to a <section> and dropped @type (as referring to XDITA doesn't require specifying type).

Weiwu Z.

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