Re: error in producing troff output

Radu Coravu


I had the changes to make the plugin work on my side, as part of the DITA Open Toolkit bundled with Oxygen XML Editor, so I just added them back to the original project.

About the issue you added, I'm not very familiar with troff output but maybe someone else will be able to help. Maybe as a workaround for the problem instead of a DITA <section> you could insert another <concept> element after the end of the </conbody> in the first concept.


Radu Coravu
Oxygen XML Editor

On 9/3/20 3:16 AM, Weiwu Zhang wrote:

On Wed, 2 Sep 2020, Radu Coravu wrote:

I added an issue on the plugin's GitHub issues list to make it compatible
with DITA OT 3.5:
Impressive! The issue is solved in 24 hours.

Following what you did I filed another issue about a bug in the troff output that concatenated two unrelated paragraphs. Hope that the project responds.

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