Re: Dita to Confluence #content-delivery



yes I saw the posts that suggested to use word. But being allergic to Word 8-)  it did not seem like a good option. the true reason is that we already support Dita, PDF and HTML5 for our existing documentation. WE just did not want to add another format.

The approach that we will use, until there is a true Dita to confluence plugin, is as follows

Generate our dita files in HTML5 (which are stored in Bitbucket)
Use the Bob Swift HTML plugin to  link our html files stored on Bitbucket.
For the images, because this is one thing that does not work properly, we insert them in the dita as a URL pointing to bitbucket.

This way, when the file is updated, it is automatically also updated in Confluence, where ever it is used.

We are now looking for a way to embed the image in the HTML because we don't want to expose our Stash URL, but this is the topic of another post.

kind regards

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