Re: Job Search: Need advice on finding DITA jobs. #jobhunting


Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. I am on the board of my local STC chapter (San Francisco Bay Chapter), which reminds me: We're still having meetings and events, all on Zoom, and they're free and open to anyone interested. We have a weekly happy hour that has turned out to be more successful than any of us expected. At our general meeting earlier this month we heard from a labor lawyer about AB5 (the California "gig worker" law that Uber and Lyft are planning to spend $150 million to overturn in a ballot initiative). On September 9, if all goes as planned, we'll be hearing from an expert on writing for translation and localization. To participate in any of those events, find info on our web site, which is still flying under the old URL, (Ignore the button for buying tickets--the virtual meetings are free.)    Best,  --Dan Littman

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