Re: keyref and conkeyref best practice and processing flow

Radu Coravu

Hi Dan,

This should work. Please make sure that the topic inside which that reused <p> element is located is referenced in the DITA Map as a topicref with the "processing-role='resource-only'" attribute set on it:

If that did not help maybe you can give us more details like:

1) The DITA OT version you are using.

2) The output format you are publishing to.

3) Attach a small sample DITA project exemplifying the problem.


Radu Coravu
Oxygen XML Editor

On 8/21/20 7:57 PM, Dan Vint wrote:
I've been googling around for information on using keyref and conkeyref and not finding confirmation for something I thought I saw.

I believe there is a recommendation (maybe requirement) that you can't nest these proceses. My testing seems to say it isn't supported, but maybe there is a feature I've not setup properly.

We are trying to build a para that will be keyconref'd into a variety of locations. In this para we are also trying to use variables for the product names that are defined with keys.

I've done the following:
- confirmed that copying the para into the referencing topic allows the product name variable to work - so that key is configured properly
- conkeyrefing the para in, the product variable is not resolved. I don't even get a message in the OT log that indicates it is being seen.

I'm torn between saying this is a useful feature to have if it isn't supported, but on the other hand I can see where it might cause an infinite loop if these are allowed to nest.

I'm mainly just trying to confirm that this is the way it is and that I haven't missed something.


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