Re: Job Search: Need advice on finding DITA jobs. #jobhunting


Hi all. I've been reading this board for a while but staying quiet because I'm sort of awed by you DITA experts setting up specializations, writing DTDs and schemas, etc. But I'm in the same boat as Westley W.'s team and have been wanting to ask about job-seeking ideas. I've worked in a DITA environment as a tech-writer, pulling material from unstructured Frame and creating DITA topics, setting up bookmaps, creating conrefs, applying conditionalizations, and so on. In short, I'm a tech-writer, an end-user, not a coder or sysadmin. I'm finding LinkedIn and Indeed overrun by recruiters who don't know what DITA is or why it matters to their clients. Is there a better way to get my name in front of potential employers? Are there organizations or DITA discussion boards similar to this but with more of an employer/job-seeker focus? Much obliged for any thoughts on this.
            Thanks.    --Dan Littman

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