Re: Reltable-Struggles #reltable

Radu Coravu

Hi Eduard,

I investigated a little bit the problem and proposed a possible fix here:

Maybe you can try the fix on your side and add a comment on the issue when you have the time. I made the fix against DITA OT 3.5.1.

We have Oxygen users publishing DITA using branch filtering and key scopes, but without relationship tables.

About what you said, the two main developers and the documentation lead invest their time mostly as a hobby. They already do more than they should and indeed we, the community who builds commercial tools and offers services around the DITA Open Toolkit, need to help further.

As a developer working for a commercial tool I try to help in the following ways:

 - Add issues to the DITA OT issues list when they are reported, along with relevant sample projects to reproduce the problems.

- Discuss with the DITA OT developers on the issues various aspects of the problem.

- Try to find the time to propose fixes on those issues or to come up with workarounds.

- Open pull requests to propose changes to the DITA OT code.

- Help others with questions related to the publishing engine's functionality.

- Participate in the monthly DITA OT meetups:

There is a small article about contributing to the DITA Open Toolkit:

If your company has an experienced Java developer or is willing to pay an experienced Java developer to work on the DITA OT project and focus on fixing specific issues, they will be helped with advice by the community and maybe they can donate their work back to the DITA OT by opening pull requests on the DITA OT project. Or if somebody else from the community is willing is willing to do some paid work on the DITA OT code maybe they can contact you directly and discuss about this.

Radu Coravu
Oxygen XML Editor
On 8/17/20 4:45 PM, schmidt.eduard@... wrote:

Hi Radu,
thanks for your input. I wonder though: How do people reuse stuff these days with DITA 1.3? Is there a way to actually use branch-filtering and keyscopes, keys and all the wonderful things it promises? Has anybody ever succeeded in implementing a smart strategy that uses these tools? DITA 1.3 has been around since 2015, after all.
I’m also bewildered that an issue regarding such a core functionality of DITA 1.3 can remain unsolved for more than a couple months, let alone years.
When we decided to make the jump from Microsoft Word to DITA, we were promised this shiny world of reuse, single-source publishing and smart content management. Once we tried to come up with a smart reuse-strategy that uses all these promising tools, a lot (not so say most) of it’s glory vanished into thin air. We are met, instead, with old bugs and the faint hope that one day maybe things will start working.
Yes, I absolutely understand the DITA-OT is a free tool with exceptionally smart but few people working on it. But I imagine there’s a significant number of businesses relying on it functioning properly. Why not establish a paid branch with designated developers that actually solve bugs at an acceptable rate? I know the company where I work would be willing to pay for stuff to work. However, in the absence of justified hope for things to work in the forseeable future, the outlook indeed is grim, and maybe one needs to start looking for other solutions.
This in no way is a personal attack on anybody, I’m just venting my frustration about my being disillusioned so quickly. Please tell me there’s hope.


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