Re: Reltable-Struggles #reltable

Radu Coravu

Hi Ed,

From what I see this issue is still open:

Indeed I wrote in a comment that it was probably related to another closed one, but this does not mean that my fix on that other issue also fixed this problem.

Maybe you can add a comment on the open issue, attach also a sample project.

Radu Coravu
Oxygen XML Editor
On 8/17/20 3:47 PM, schmidt.eduard@... wrote:

Here is the progress I made:
The problem described seems to be related to these issues:
I affirmed my suspicion about keyscopes being the culprit by removing the keyscope for the submap containing the reltable and generating output: my keyrefed reltable-links suddenly showed up. I’m using DOT 3.4.1.

As far as I understand, this problem was fixed in
The fix proposed by Radu has been approved and added to the 3.4 milestone on Nov. 5th, 2019. Since I’m still comparatively new to the world of github, I can only assume that the fix would be part of DOT 3.4 and, since we now use DOT 3.4.1, part of the DOT we use.

I therefore fail to understand why my problem persists. I’ve run out of ideas, please help.


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