Re: Keyscopes?

Radu Coravu

Hi Dan,

Maybe indeed you can construct a small DITA project exemplifying your case, then try to publish it to plain HTML5 using the latest DITA OT distribution. If that does not work, maybe you can share the small DITA project with us along with details about the expected output.


Radu Coravu
Oxygen XML Editor

On 8/6/20 2:23 AM, Dan Vint wrote:
How stable or well implemented are they? I'm using DITA OT 3.4.0 and they don't appear to be working as expected. I have 5 separate publications that had their own copy of keymaps that had a common set of variable names. So the name BASE_NAME appears in each keymap but with a different value.

We are now publishing these as one bundle. So they have been grouped together with one map like this.
   <topichead keyscope="DirectoryServerKeys" navtitle="Server Administration Guide">
      <mapref format="ditamap" keyref="bbv1564011413207"/>
   <topichead keyscope="ProxyServerKeys" navtitle="Proxy Server Administration Guide">
      <mapref format="ditamap" keyref="dsa1564011474136"/>
   <topichead keyscope="ConsentSolutionKeys" navtitle="Consent Solution Guide">
      <mapref format="ditamap" keyref="ugq1564011487101"
         navtitle="Consent Solution Guide"/>
   <topichead keyscope="DelegatedAdminKeys" navtitle="Delegated Admin Application Guide">
      <mapref format="ditamap" keyref="nyx1564012075196"
         navtitle="Delegated Admin Guide"/>
   <topichead keyscope="DataSyncKeys" navtitle="Administration Guide">
      <mapref format="ditamap" keyref="wfk1564011491470"
         navtitle="Administration Guide"/>

There is no keymap above any of the maprefs, yet BASE_NAME in all the sections shows the same value. For testing I commented out the definition that was being used everywhere and one of the other definitions replaced it.

This content is huge and ugly. I may try building my own sample and testing with it in case I'm not finding the real problem in this content and thinking it is the keyscope that is not working.


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