Re: [EXT]: [dita-users] Visualizing reltables

Lief Erickson

This reminds me of a project that Mark Baker started several years ago. His SPFE project never took off, but his thinking on soft linking and how to build them seem relevant to this conversation. A quick search will get interested people to his posts. 

On Fri, Jul 31, 2020 at 8:02 AM jang <jang@...> wrote:
Relationships between topics are NOT part of the topic metadata, but they should not exist outside of the topics either - they should be derived from the collection of topic metadata (which possibly and even preferably includes the outcome of text analysis tools and other techniques such as click traces, etc.). I would want to create something that works like Google, but better (and not infected with commercial interests). And I truly believe that there are no hand-crafted maps or relationship tables anywhere to be found in that company.

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