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Hi Nigel

Your project sounds interesting.  Can you send me your email.

Mine is jimt@...


On 7/29/2020 7:58 AM, Myrddin55 wrote:
Good afternoon,
This is my debut message as a new member of this group. As a result of Covid 19 I now find myself out of work and as a person with a long career in the support of commercial flying operations, getting back into aviation will probably be impossible. So I have decided to try and start up a small business writing books for aviation and converting existing paper manuals into a digital format. DITA seems to fit the remit as far as the manuals are concerned and now the task is to cram in as much information on DITA as I can with a view to authoring and converting by October (this year). Getting my head around this (at my age) will take a while, any help would be greatly appreciated.
I found a B 25 Mitchell Bomber Pilot manual and was able to download all the files from github (thank you). What I would like to do is to turn all these files into a book, either epub or pdf or both, so that I can compare the finished book with the maps to put the structure and coding into context. I tried the DITA OT program but failed to make it work, could someone in this group lend a hand by helping me with the conversion to pdf please?
Many thanks

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