Known Branch-Filtering Woes #DITA-OT #Oxygen #branch-filtering


Hello All,

I have a DITA project that I have successfully published to XHTML within oXygen 22.1 using the supplied DITA-OT version.

Trouble is, in order to get the publish to be successful, I had to actually comment out the branch-filtering ANT task in the /frameworks/dita/DITA-OT3.x/plugins/org.dita.base/build_preprocess.xml file:

<target name="branch-filter">
<pipeline taskname="branch-filter" message="Filter branches">
<module class="org.dita.dost.module.BranchFilterModule"/>

Does anyone have any insights as to what might be provoking a null-pointer exception while running this portion of the pre-process?

I'd give you more info re the NPE, but I don't have any.  All I was able to do is see that the publish dies while running that ANT task.


-Tony Bufort
AJB Consulting

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