Re: Bookmap or Pubmap for technical eBooks? #Oxygen #bookmap

The PubMap map type, part of DITA for Publishers, is not being actively maintained, although it still works fine. But unless there's something you really need from PubMap and BookMap otherwise works for you I'd recommend going with BooMap.

I have for some time now hoped to introduce PubMap into the DITA standard (or a companion OASIS standard) but life has simply not allowed for me (or anyone else who might be interested) to apply the level of effort it would require to bring it up to date with DITA 2.0 and standardize it properly.

I think the fundamental design is sound and I designed it so that it would pretty much work with BookMap-aware processing but I definitely haven't been able to keep the PubMap-specific processing in the D4P code up to date with newer OT versions.


Eliot Kimber

´╗┐On 7/21/20, 4:42 PM, "John Wills" < on behalf of @jbw> wrote:

Should I plan to use BookMap or PubMap for new projects to publish technical eBooks? I'm new to DITA and it seems BookMap is actively maintained as part of the spec whereas although DITA for Publishing identified concerns with BookMap for publishing books years ago, it does not look like it is actively maintained.
Is DITA for Publishing (and PubMap) currently deprecated or is it still a good choice and easy to use with Oxygen XML? Thanks for any insight you can provide.

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