Re: Error "java.lang.NoSuchMethodError" #DITA-OT #specialization #conditional-processing #branch-filtering

Radu Coravu

Hi Ed,

If you look inside a DITA OT bundled with Oxygen, it has in the "plugins" folder a plugin named "com.oxygenxml.dost.patches". That plugin depends very much on the DITA OT version, if installed in another DITA OT version it will break the publishing. So I think you might have also copied this plugin to the DITA OT 3.5.2 installation, which would explain why the publishing did not work.

We do not yet officially support DITA OT 3.5.2 with our publishing plugins, we have updated them internally but we'll officially support them in Oxygen 23 (November 2020).

My advice to you if you want to use our plugins is to use our DITA OT publishing engine distribution:

It comes with DITA OT 3.4.2 with all our plugins pre-installed.

About this problem:

it seems to be still opened so for now I do not have a workaround for you.

Radu Coravu
Oxygen XML Editor
On 7/20/20 9:51 AM, schmidt.eduard@... wrote:

Hi Radu,
I think I might have found the culprit: I tried to generate output using DITA-OT 3.5.2. Our customized plugins rely on Oxygen plugins, so I naturally copied Oxygen plugins from their installation directory into the new DITA-OT directory along with our customized plugins. It looks like Oxygen has issues with running a newer DITA-OT than the one it was installed with and somehow that affects seemingly unrelated transformations. Your last response and the mention of DITA-OT 3.4.1 (instead of 3.5.2) made me think, so I downloaded a "naked" 3.4.1, ran a html5-transformation and things turned out mostly fine.
However, the problem described here still persists and I wonder, whether it will be taken care of in the near future or not. Using <topicref keyref="topic" href="path/topic.dita"/> kind of defeats the purpose of using keys in the first place it seems. Is there a way to "vote" on issues to make them more visible and push them up in priority for development?



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