Re: Dita Build Successful But No PDF Output Generated #DITA-OT #PDF #bookmap

Reece Roggentien

This Ant file is simply deleting your output directory and then calling the build.xml file in plugins/com.try.custpdf. Does build.xml include the code to build the PDF?




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Sent: Sunday, July 19, 2020 12:25 PM
Subject: [dita-users] Dita Build Successful But No PDF Output Generated #DITA-OT #bookmap #PDF


Dear All,
I am a new Dita learner. Recently, I purchased the Dita for Print Book and I am trying to do the exercises given in the book.
I successfully built an ant file. When I generate output, I get a message stating that the build is successful. But I do not find any PDF file. Please help me.
I have attached the screenshots of the following:

  1. Build Successful Message.
  2. Ant file Contents
  3. DitaMap File Location

I have been blindly following the commands in the exercises. This problem that I face is not allowing me to proceed. Please help me to understand my mistake. Thank you.
1.Build Successful

2. Contents of the Ant File

3. Dita Map Location

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