[ann][webinar] Fine Tune Your DITA PDF Output Using CSS #Oxygen


“Fine Tune Your DITA PDF Output Using CSS” is the next webinar in our weekly live events series and it will take place on Wednesday, July 15. 
For an easier DITA PDF customization, Oxygen provides a DITA-OT plugin and an engine that generates PDF using CSS called Oxygen PDF Chemistry. As the publishing is triggered by scripts or integration servers, we also provide the possibility to run the same transformation pipeline that you run in Oxygen from a script. This is made available by the new product called Oxygen Publishing Engine. 
For this webinar, Julien Lacour, software developer at Syncro Soft, will dive into all of these capabilities that will allow you to better customize the PDF output of your DITA project by addressing topics such as:  
* Customizing tables 
* Customizing preserved elements (such as code blocks) 
* Content marking and flagging 
* Publishing a single topic 
* Properly debugging the CSS 
This is a free event and you can register at http://www.oxygenxml.com/evs2020-8.html 
Stay tuned for more of our upcoming webinars! 
Best regards, 

Alin Belu
Oxygen XML Editor

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