Relationships on Multiple Axes? #reltable

Paul Mazaitis

Hi all,

I've got a fairly hefty set of topics (4k+) that have sparse relationships on multiple axes.

By analogy: 

- some of my topics have a shape (square, triangle, circle, etc.)
- some of my topics have a color (orange, blue, grey, etc.)
- some of my topics have both shape and color
- some of my topics have neither (a majority, thankfully)

What I'd really like to do is handle these relationships with reltables: set up the relationships in a map, and then (somehow) generate labeled lists in topics as appropriate (these topics share this shape; these topics share this color).

However, from what I can tell, reltables (and all of the resulting functionality) only operate on one dimension; a union is made of all available reltables, and all relationships are generated from that (and any extra information about a subgrouping is lost). But! I may have missed something, so I hope it's okay to ask:

Is there any way to get multiple kinds of topic relationships into a DITA documentation set without hard coding the links?

Many thanks!


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