Re: Chapter numbering issue when using <topicgroup>

Mica Semrick


You can try <topicset> instead.


On June 19, 2020 8:12:48 AM PDT, "Chris Brand via" <chrizzbee74@...> wrote:
In my map structure, I started to use <topicgroup> with profiling. My chapters are all numbered based on a template derived from the DITA Generator code. This worked nice so far. I understood that <topicgroup> elements do not affect the map structure. In the PDF output this is indeed true, the <topicgroup> element doesn't show up and is not included in the TOC. But all children of the <topicgroup> are counted up one level, thus creating a false numbering.


1 Chapter
   1.1.1 Chapter
   1.1.2 Chapter
1.2 Chapter

I expect that the output is like this:

1 Chapter
   1.1 Chapter
   1.2 Chapter
1.3 Chapter

So the children of the <topicgroup> get the wrong chapter depth assigned.

Anyone knows a fix?


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