DTD syntax checking

Larry Kollar

We've recently been alerted to an issue in our (mostly constrained) DTDs. If I set the catalog in Oxygen 20.1 to use the directory where I'm storing a working set, it will trip errors when I attempt to create certain topics (path scrubbed):

Could not resolve PublicID: [null] SystemID: [file:/.../com.dtd.test/dtd/technicalContent/dtd/ourReference.dtd]

I've been all through the catalogs and ent/mod files. I corrected a couple of issues, and that reduced but didn't eliminate the errors. Is there anything in Oxygen that can provide a more specific pointer to the problem? The "ourReference.dtd" is defined in the catalog, for example, so I don't know why it can't resolve the public ID.

Interestingly enough, the error occurs when creating a topic from templates we stored in Oxygen. BUT, if I save the created topic file and re-open it, no errors.

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