[ann][webinar] HTML5 Support in Oxygen XML Editor #Oxygen


Hello everyone, 

We continue our weekly series of live events next Wednesday with the “HTML5 Support in Oxygen XML Editor” webinar. 

On June 3, Octavian Nadolu will present the full extent of the HTML5 support provided by the Oxygen XML Editor. Some of the features that will be discussed in this webinar include: 

  • Specialized text-based and visual-based editing 
  • Syntax highlights based on the HTML5 specification 
  • Content completion based on the HTML5 schema 
  • Outline view that displays the document structure 
  • Validation against the W3C validator, including batch validation
  • Emmet plugin for high-speed coding and editing

You can register for free at http://www.oxygenxml.com/evs2020-2.html 

Check the full list of the upcoming webinars and follow the links to see more details and register for free: 

June 3    
HTML5 Support in Oxygen XML Editor
June 10
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June 17
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June 24
Getting Started with DITA Using Oxygen XML Editor
July 1
Tailored Authoring Experience with Oxygen Web Author
July 8
Collaboration Made Simple with Oxygen Content Fusion

Best regards,

Alin Belu
Oxygen XML Editor

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